Iluppai ennai (iluppai oil) - 100 ml
Iluppai ennai (iluppai oil) - 100 ml

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Aqua Rose Water 100ml
Aqua Rose Water 100ml

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Poolankizhangu Podi 50 gms
பூலங்கிழங்கு பொடி-50 gms

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In Indian Tradition, white turmeric is powdered and used a fragrant agent while preparing oilment. The herb also helps

a) promote hair growth

b) bring glow to the skin. When grinded together with turmeric, it acts as an antiseptic body scrub.

c) cure dandruff. Apply boiled white turmeric powder on scalp for a few minutes before washing the hair.

Botanical name: Kaempferia galanga ,/Tamil: Kacholam or Pulankilangu, /Malayalam: Kachhuram, Katjulam; /Kannada: Kachchura;/ Bengali: bhui champa;/ Marati: kapur kachri or kachri; /Sanskrit: chandramoolika, Karcurah, sugandhamula;/ English: Resurrection lily, Aromatic Ginger, lesser galangal, Sand ginger; /Arabic name: Java Galangal;/ Sinhala: Ingurupiyali



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